Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Abasiophilia for Vets

The idea for Project FN-DV/A (Feminine Nuances for Disabled Veterans of America) came to Texas native and philanthropist Gloria Maxwell during a visit to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial more than 20 years ago. While there, she turned to a U.S. park ranger, seeking directions to the local singles bar where disabled veterans hung out. Gloria suffers from Abasiophilia, a psychosexual attraction to people with impaired mobility, especially those who use orthopaedic appliances such as leg braces, orthopedic casts, or wheelchairs. “He told me no such location existed,” Maxwell said. “That’s when I realized what my life’s purpose would be: to provide female companionship for disabled veterans.”

Maxwell, who was born in Dallas, Texas but grew up in Austin after her Father went out for milk and never returned, had been thinking about honoring disabled veterans since the late 1960s. Then an exotic dancer, she discovered her love for lost limbs when she was giving a lap dance to regular customer after poor blood circulation as a result of diabetes forced doctors to remove his leg. “When I was grinding on his massive stump, I felt the same thrill of sleeping with a black man without the fear of racist back lash.” said Maxwell. “It was the only time I could do dances without crying.”

In the midst of the Vietnam conflict, seeing so many young soldiers coming home wounded, she saw an opportunity to use her fetish for good. Shortly after, she began volunteering at a local VA Hospital. “I was inspired by their strength of character and courage,” Maxwell said. “That’s when I made a promise that somehow, somewhere, I would do something to help. And I was getting all of the hot amputee action I could handle.”

That commitment, fueled by lust, began taking shape after her visit to the Vietnam Memorial. She spent several months trying to gain access to every VA Hospital she could find, claiming to be privately interviewing Disabled Veterans for a book she was writing. Upon seeing the effects the visits had on the men, she was given the green light to go on a government sponsored tour of every VA Hospital in the US. Maxwell eventually formed the Disabled Veterans’ Companionship Foundation in 1996 to begin collecting contributions to hire more women to help with the load. (pun intended) Maxwell was able to raise more than $20 Million. “Over a million disabled veterans sent in money to fund their own foundation,” Maxwell said. “Far too often, they are marginalized and forgotten,” she said. “This will ensure that their sacrifices won’t mean that they can’t have their needs met.”

At the helm of a loyal army of prostitutes, willing to service the men who serviced their country, Maxwell was dealt a shocking blow that she never saw coming. In spite of her noble intentions, her mission was viewed by officials as nothing more than a prostitution ring. These days, the story is all the more poignant because improved medical care is saving many soldiers who would have died in the past. “If you are wounded in combat, your chances of survival are really good,” said Hubert Gregory Raxon, a past commander of the Department of the local Disabled American Veterans, who supports her work. “People are not dying on the battlefields; they’re coming back alive and trying to live normal lives,” he said. “And part of that normal life is a greasy hand job from a whore.”

Maxwell, and one particular soldier whom she’d seen on a regular basis for several years, began to share feelings for one another. The two are scheduled to be wed in the spring of 2012, which gave Gloria Maxwell an idea for a way to make her dream come true. After countless hours combing the adult section of Craigslist (before it was removed) Maxwell did the unthinkable. She rounded up hundreds of thousands of prostitutes who were willing to marry disabled Veterans. “This is a win/win/win situation,” added John Baily, 59, a veteran from Houston who lost his preferred masturbating hand in a mortar attack in Vietnam. “The Vets are getting laid, and the whores are getting paid thanks to the increased funds we received from the Government to provide for our new spouses. Plus, it drastically reduced the prostitution problem in America.”

For Maxwell, the dream has become a reality, but there is still much work to do. Planning the world’s largest wedding ceremony, and finding a place with ample handicapped parking to hold it is an unprecedented task. “When I wake in the morning, I think about this, and when I go to bed at night, I think about this,” Maxwell said. Disabled veterans “don’t want pity; they want to pussy.”

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